Monday, June 21, 2010

The Gilded Age?

I recently began to follow (and become addicted to) this blog: . I became introduced to it when I thought I was going to have a 15 seconds of fame interlude on it, as some of thier crew videoed a customer making a purchase from me at the last Brimfield. But, such is my life, it seems the transaction never made the cut....
Anyhow most everyone who knows me realizes I have a bit of a "thing" for chairs. Pairs, especially. And these, featured a few days ago on the above captioned blog, immediately caught my eye and strangely tugged at my heartstrings. I certainly a love a chair that can so quickly conjure up such vivid childhood memories as this pair.....

These folding lawn chairs, gilded in 28 karat gold leaf with brass hardware, from remind me of hot southern summer evenings long ago in my grandmother's back garden, us kids chasing and capturing lightning bugs in jars while parents, grandparents and various oldsters languished in mesh-lathed folding chairs just like these - well, not quite; thiers were that aluminum stuff that after a few days out in the blazing sun and rain felt like chalk, nothing like these must feel...... I don't know that I love the gold thing, a bit too decadent and flashy for at least MY taste(and pocketbook)! Maybe a really nice aluminum, not the kind from the 70's, and I'd love them in some sort of hemp mesh!

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