Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink is SO 5 years ago....

My daughter is now 9 and has declared her bedroom to be a)too girly and b)too juvenile(her word!). I have to say that I agree with her, it was painted 5 years ago to her specifications and I get a saccharin headache when I'm in there. Or feel as though Pepto-Bismol is running through my bloodstream.

Soooo, now she wants a turquoise and blue room. I love the idea but I also want to inject some greens too, and there are pieces in there that I absolutely adore that arent necessarily the easiest fit into our plans, such as this chair.....

that I dismantled and lacqured and laquered and repaired and recushioned and reupholstered with home-made ribbon and necktie fabric for the seat, no less, and vintage fabric for the back. I think it would still fit into a turq and blue room, opinions anyone?

I also love this...
that I bought at Brimfield about 6 years ago. Yes, it could use a nicer cord disguise, but it WILL be a good fit.

And this Saarinen tulip chair! I could re-cover the seat....

...since it swivels I think it'd be a cool desk chair, and a new desk is part of her room re-do deal.
At Brimfield back in May I bought her an awesome old iron bed, in the most amazing shade of aqua, so the twin beds will be gone, which I dont mind because they were never the greatest beds, but I suppose sadly a double size bed means that the comforters I made for her

will go too, unless I can figure out a way to combine the two of them to make into a double size. But then, would these work against the turq/blue/green theme?! The thing is, I love these, they were a LABOR of love, I made them, (they took forever) using lots of her old t-shirts and swimsuits, etc, from when she was a toddler some very cool vintage fabrics from my collection.....Arrrggghhh!!!! Decisions, decisions!
Oh and the flokati rug, gotta say I love that too, although something tells me it may just confuse me even further. I have this idea about painting the floor white.....because I think I also want to paint the room trim and perhaps even the ceiling in a NOT white color.....and one wall may be a wallpaper. Oh well that's for another post.
Any thoughts would be appreciated! More later as this project progresses......

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  1. Hi Katie!

    I loooove the quilts! They remind me very much of a vintage one Amy found while scouting in NH (it now resides on my couch), but I think yours has some nicer fabric ;) of course! Don't ditch them for the blue and green room! They'll make great accents against the cooler colors of the room, and actually, they have a lot of blue and green in them as well - perfect! I have always been a blue/green gal, and my room has seen many shades and textures of coolness. Good luck on your project!

    x Artifaktori Amanda